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Limited Edition London 2012 Olympic TfL Oyster Cards

BY Boon Koh
Published 14 April 2012

As the Olympics get closer, all kinds of sponsored and branded merchandised for the London 2012 Olympics are being announced. It was inevitable that Transport for London would catch the merchandising fever, and have announced special edition London 2012 Olympic Oyster Cards to commemorate the Olympic Games.

1.5 million of these special edition Oyster Cards will be sold in zone one Tube stations. 1.5 million doesn’t sound very much like a limited edition run, but if you add up all the tourists coming for the Olympic games and the worldwide fanbase for 2012 Olympics memorabilia, it will probably sell out in days, if not hours.

A TfL spokesman released this statement as part of the announcement of the limited edition Oyster Cards: “Commemorative Oyster cards have been very popular with the travelling public in the past and we are delighted to be able to offer Londoners and visitors the chance to have a special memento of what will be a summer like no other.”

The Olympics 2012 Oyster Cards follow hot on the heels of the special edition cards to commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, as well as the Royal Wedding last year.

The limited edition Olympic Oyster Cards are being released in mid-June, although an exact date has not been set yet. The cards will cost £10 (£5 deposit and £5 minimum top-up) to purchase, like a typical Oyster Card, which will make them probably the best value 2012 Olympics memorabilia that you can get amidst all the overpriced kitsch.