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[18 Jun 2012 | By ]
Four Fabulous Boutique Hotels in London

London is home to some of the world’s most famous grand hotels – but while the Ritz, Claridges and the Savoy might be dreamy places to have afternoon tea, cocktails or dinner, most of us wouldn’t stretch to booking rooms there. Instead, it’s best for our budgets to go for affordable luxury and stay in a budget boutique hotel.

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[11 Jun 2012 | By ]
Emirates Air Line Cable Car for the Olympic Tourists

If you’ve been in East London over the past few months, you might have seen something in the sky that made you stop and stare. It’s the new London cable car, or to call it by its proper name, the “Emirates Air Line”. I wonder how much money was spent to hire a branding agency to come up with that original name…