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Imagination: The Danish Olympic “House” at St Katherine’s Dock

BY Boon Koh
Published 31 July 2012

With the spotlight on London during the Olympic games, most of the countries with athletes competing have set up their “home away from home”, an oasis in London which feels a bit like back home. Whether its for homesick athletes, the VVIPs to schmooze, or to promote the country to the hordes of Londoners and Olympic tourists this summer, its like having a mini-World Expo.

Denmark have their own Olympic “house” in London, but its not really a house but more of a few boats (the Danish Crown schooner and Helge, a Viking ship) and a large outdoor area in front of the Dickens Inn pub. The Danish Crown schooner is 125 years old, and apparently used to transport the famous Danish bacon to the UK.

In the outdoor area of Imagination, there is of course a huge big screen TV, showing live footage from the various Olympic games, and with a focus on when the a Danish athlete is competing! When I got to St Katherine’s Dock, there was already a huge group of Danish people already gathered in front the TV, snacking on the famous Danish hot dogs. They were there for the handball match between Denmark vs Spain – apparently, their national team is quite good.

So what’s in this little Danish oasis in London? Well, there’s a traditional Danish holiday cottage on site, complete with the trendiest furniture you have ever seen – all from Denmark of course!

There’s also lots of Danish food – from the unique Danish hot dogs to top chefs in the outdoor kitchen preparing the Danish take on steak and chips.

Then there’s the huge wind turbine, built completely out of LEGO pieces! It looks like a fully working wind turbine, and has over 100,000 LEGO pieces.

In addition, there’s a realistic replica of the Olympic village, built completely of LEGO pieces and took over 300 hours to put together.

Finally, another reason to visit Imagination at St Katherine’s Dock is to get to meet the famous Danish athletes who are competing in the Olympics Games. Especially today’s Danish athlete in the limelight – Anders Golding – who won the Silver medal in the skeet shooting event today. He even had his silver medal on:

If the sight of the silver medal makes you yearn for something similar, Pandora, a Danish jewelry brand, have a showcase of their latest jewelry styles there too:

So there you go. Imagination, a showcase of Denmark, will be at St Katherine’s Dock until the 12th August. Definitely one of the best country showcases currently in London. Its free to enter, although it will get quite busy at times, but its such great fun and a way to get a taste of Danish culture and food, right here in London.