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Vietnam Summer Festival 2012 at Spitalfields Market

BY Boon Koh
Published 8 July 2012

The wonderful country of Vietnam casts its colourful diverse sparkle over Spitalfields Market for the first Vietnam Summer Festival on July 14th and ensures another spectacular event to be held in London during this memorable summer.

For Vietnamese aficionados it will bring fond memories flooding back, for those who have a hankering to visit Vietnam, there will be a taste of what to expect, as well as loads of advice from specialist travel companies. The Vietnam Summer Festival is only on for one day only, on the Saturday 14th July 2012 at Spitalfields Market.

Foodies are in for a special treat at the festival where visitors can enjoy the distinctive flavours of some of the best Vietnamese food available in London, with over thirty five food stalls, a selection of ‘pop-up restaurants’, and a sprinkling of individual chefs all serving delicious seasonal delicacies. You will have a chance to discover the different culinary traditions of the Northern, Central and the Southern regions of the country and even learn how to make mouth-watering dishes of your own with our talented chefs.

Participating Vietnamese eateries include Orchid, Song Que, Thanh Binh, Mien Tay, Thai An and Banh My 11.

Throughout the day from 11am to 5pm, there will be numerous performances of Vietnamese song and dance, specially choreographed for the Festival. A traditional Vietnamese musical instrument, the dan bau, will be used.

The dan bau is central to Vietnamese folk music. It is a monochord – with only one string. Originally, the Dan Bau was made of just 4 parts: a bamboo tube, a wooden rod, a coconut shell half, and a silk string. The string was strung across the bamboo, tied on one end to the rod, which is perpendicularly attached to the bamboo. The coconut shell was attached to the rod, serving as a resonator.  The notes played by the Dan Bau are smooth, sweet, and captivating.

In addition, there will be an exhibition of Vietnamese art work, showing a selection of drawings, paintings, and ceramics both to tempt and enthrall.

And if after visiting the Vietnam Summer Festival 2012 you feel like wishing you could go visit Vietnam, there is a competition to win a holiday of a lifetime at the official Vietnam Summer Festival 2012 website!