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Photos of Olympic Beach Volleyball at Horse Guards Parade

BY Boon Koh
Published 4 August 2012

Friday afternoon was a glorious day to watch the beach volleyball at the Horse Guard’s Parade. Just a few steps from Downing Street, the whole place had been transformed to be unrecognisable, with a huge temporary stadium right in the middle. I was glad that I had brought my DSLR camera (and was allowed to bring it in) as I managed to get some stunning photos!

With the sun shining down strongly, there were two matches on offer. Women’s beach volleyball between Switzerland and the United States, and men’s beach volleyball between Italy and the United States.

The women’s beach volleyball was first, between Zumkehr and Kuhn for Switzerland vs Ross and Kessy for the United States. The Americans were always favourites to win, and did so easily. Here are some photos from this women’s olympic beach volleyball match:

Next up were the men’s Olympic beach volleyball, but first off, there was some entertainment from the Horse Guard Parade dancers, and also an opportunity to enjoy the surroundings and take some photos of the stadium:

We then had the men’s beach volleyball match, between the Americans (Rogers & Dalhausser) against the Italians (Nicolai & Lupo). The Italians pulled off a big shock win with some great blocking and a littering of errors by the Americans. Anyways, here are some photos of this men’s beach volleyball match between USA and Italy:

Overall, Olympic beach volleyball at the Horse Guards Parade was a great day out, and hope you enjoyed the pictures above of the Olympic beach babes and beach dudes! It still amazes me that they’ve managed to recreate a beach-like atmosphere, with a really good DJ and MC able to encourage the crowd to keep cheering for the teams, even though beach volleyball is in many ways quite an alien sport here in the UK.

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