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Malaysia Week 2012 Festival in London

BY Boon Koh
Published 30 September 2012

If you love satay or still dream of Penang laksa from your last trip to Malaysia, you can experience it all again in London next week – at the week-long Malaysia Festival in London.

After Prince William and Kate Middleton visited Malaysia earlier this month, the Malaysian Tourism Board is bringing a bit of Malaysia to London, to show off Malaysia’s vibrant culture with Malaysian music, fashion, dance, arts, crafts and food.

Starting from the 6th October to the 10th October, there will be free cultural and arts performances, including traditional dances depicting the Malays, Chinese, Indian, Ethnic Sabah and Sarawak cultures, performances of Malaysia contemporary music and stage performances from a traditional Malaysian Orchestra.

And of course, there will be many Malaysian foods during the festival – tastings of Teh Tarik (milky tea poured from great heights – you have to see to understand!), Roti Canai, Ice Kacang, and traditional fruits will be available.

In addition, why not take home a slice of Malaysian culture and visit the exhibitions of Malaysian art pieces? For those collectors who may wish to invest in authentic artwork, six Malaysian artists will be visiting the event to showcase a variety of paintings and artistic sculptures.

So come down to the Southbank between the 6th and 10th October, take part in some genuine Malaysian hospitality, and dream about the food, culture, and white sandy beaches of Malaysia when you’re back at your desk in the afternoon!

Photo of the Petronas twin towers used under creative commons licence from Shubert Ciencia on Flickr.