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Review: Tradicional After Supper Club by Art Of Dining

Published 29 September 2012

Tequila company Tradicional have partnered with The Art of Dining to bring a unique series of Mexican dining experiences to East London. The After Supper Club will be seven days of authentic Mexican-style dining and drinking, aiming to bring a new sense of evening culture to the capital.

This is about leisurely sharing nibbles, drinks and laughs over an entire evening, not racing through drink after drink.

Tradicional have been making authentic Agave based tequila since 1795, which should be sipped ice-cold rather than shot.  While this is probably quite a departure from most people’s experience of Tequila, it is well worth investigating as you begin to appreciate that tequila can be as complex, versatile and rich a spirit as any Whiskey.

Guests will have the choice between a £15 Tasting Flight and a £45 Supper Club.  Having experienced the Tasting Flight first hand, I have to say it really is amazing value for money.

You get 4 different Tradicional servings in different forms (neat, as well as sangritas, margaritas and polonas) and a sample of the After Supper Club menu.  The food was a great accompaniment to the Tequila as the rich complex flavours played off each other brilliantly.

Of the four servings, the cocktails will probably go down the best, as neat Tequila can be a little strong for most tastes.  Fortunately the Art Of Dining provide a great platter of cherry tomatoes and seasonings that you eat before taking a sip.  The combination of salt, pepper, a little chili and the tomato do a great job of taking the edge of the Tequila.

As well as looking and tasting great, having little nibbles designed to go with a specific drink makes a great conversation piece and is a lot of fun as you can experiment with different combinations of flavours.

The rest of the menu samples include whole grilled sweet chilies, Mexican style mini-pasties and raw Agave.  If you have ever tried sugar cane, you’ll know roughly what Agave tastes like and will probably be able to guess how satisfying it is after a big sip of tequila.

As good value as the Tasting Flight is, for the full experience, you need to try the Supper Club. You get a five-course meal featuring dishes like share-and-tear Yucatan grilled fish tacos and an unusual dessert based on the Mexican drink Horchata.  Guests then enjoy Tradicional bottle service including a deconstructed sangrita

Unfortunately the full 5 courses will remain a well-kept secret so potential guests will just have to wait and see for themselves…

The After Supper Club will be held at MC Motors in East London from the 4th-6th of October, then again from the 10th-13th of October. For more info and tickets click here.