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James Bond Themed “Special Agents” Menu at Mercer Street Hotel

BY Boon Koh
Published 10 October 2012

For James Bond fans, the 26th October couldn’t come soon enough! But with the Bond mania hitting London ahead of the premiere night, there’s no shortage of James Bond themed things in the capital.

The Mercer Street Hotel is the latest to cash in on the James Bond movie premiere – on the same night, October 26th, they’re launching their special James Bond themed 3 course menu called From Seven Dials With Love. As you’ve guessed it, the Mercer Street Hotel is located in Seven Dials near Covent Garden.

The menu consists of decadent ingredients – the type that James Bond himself would indulge in! There’s creamy scrambled eggs with caviar for the starter, grilled lamb cutlets in a red wine sauce with mint buttered peas with garlic roasted potatoes for the main course, and then to finish with a dessert of vodka-marinated strawberry jelly and cream. Some awesome food porn:

These are all dishes that has been enjoyed by James Bond on film over the past 60 years. The set menu costs £30 per person – not too bad considered that the 3 course menu includes caviar!