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Review: Burger & Lobster – Best Lobster In Town?

BY Boon Koh
Published 7 October 2012
Our Review Rating: 9 out of 10 stars

With a name like Burger & Lobster, you know immediately what you can expect when you sit down at a table inside. This newcomer on the restaurant scene has caused quite a buzz since it opened in Mayfair, and does it live up to all its hype?

Yes, and no. The first thing that struck me as odd, and somewhat gimmicky, was the fact that Burger & Lobster serve only two things, but the two things seem very much at odds with each other – beef burgers and grilled lobsters (There’s a third item on the menu, lobster roll, but I’ve grouped it into “Lobsters” for simplicity).

First – to get it out of the way – the burgers. While I didn’t order it this time, it seems rather excessive at £20 for a burger, fries, and some salad. There are great burger places in London (Honest Burgers, MeatEASY, etc) that could probably do that for almost half the price. The poor sucker on the table next to us did order the burger, and I had a quick look over at his facial expression while he had his meal. He did not seem that impressed.

Now, on to the lobsters. So there’s two ways of having it. Standard boiled whole lobster, and then grilled slightly for that smoky flavour. Or in a lobster roll. Either way is £20, and comes with fries and salad. There’s a third option – if you have a big group – you could go for one of the massive lobsters costing over £100 to share. But the good news is that you’ll get unlimited fries and salad:


Being the sensible couple we are, Evelyn & I went for the standard grilled lobster and the lobster roll:


And I have to say, you really do get your money’s worth at Burger & Lobster! In the past I have bought live lobsters myself at Billingsgate market, waking up at 4am to get there before all the good lobsters are gone. And a decent sized lobster costs £12-£15 – and that’s before you factor in all the effort to get there, petrol, and the mess in the kitchen of having to kill and cook a live lobster. So for £20 for a full medium sized lobster AND fries AND salad AND served to you, that’s a massive bargain in my mind.

The lobster roll wasn’t underwhelming as I thought it would be – it came with an amazing brioche type bread, lightly toasted, and stuffed full of lobster. Probably a whole lobster there too.

If you’re got a craving for lobster, this is the place to go in London at the moment to satisfy your craving. Its fresh, its cooked well, and its value for money. And with their new branch on Dean Street, you probably won’t have to book a table or queue for hours either, unlike their Clarges Street branch in Mayfair. Its a massive restaurant with lots of tables, and the turnaround times are pretty quick.

Burger & Lobster
Soho branch address: 36 Dean Street, Soho London W1D 4PS (nearest tube stations are Tottenham Court Road or Leicester Square)
Mayfair branch address: 29 Clarges Street, Mayfair, London W1J 7EF (nearest tube station is Green Park)
Reservations Required? Only for the tiny Mayfair branch. But for the Soho branch, we went on a busy Saturday evening and got a table immediately.
Official website: www.burgerandlobster.com