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Save with AMEX & Foursquare this Christmas!

BY Boon Koh
Published 2 December 2012

Don’t spread this out too widely, but AMEX credit cards and FourSquare, the location check-in app, are running a stunning cashback promotion this Christmas. If you have an AMEX credit card, you can some great offers, like £25 off a £25 spend at Harvey Nichols. That’s right – not a £25 off £50 or £25 off £250 spend, but a 100% discount.

How do you get it? Its really simple. Of course, first you need an AMEX credit card or charge card. I hold two – the AMEX Gold charge card, as well as the AMEX BMI Airlines Credit Card. Both are free to get, and actually, you don’t need to be earning oodles of money to qualify. Both cards are targeted at normal people like you and me. There are tons of other AMEX credit cards too – like the British Airways Avios Amex.

Next, once you have your AMEX card, you just link your AMEX card number to your FourSquare account. Don’t have one yet? It only takes 2 seconds to sign up for one during the linking process. The instructions to sign up for the AMEX + Foursquare offer are all in the link above.

Then download the FourSquare app on Android or iPhone, and when you visit the store, just “check-in” with your FourSquare app, load the offer to your card in the app, and just swipe it in Harvey Nichols. You’ll get charged £25 in your statement – but then AMEX will refund the £25 immediately. I’ve used this before in the past, and the refund is near instantaneous.

Why are they being so generous? Who knows. But AMEX have been running promotions with Foursquare for some time. There was the small business promo, where if you spent £5 at a small business you got £5 back – again, another 100% cashback offer. And apart from the Harvey Nichols offer, they’re running lots of other ones this December too. Like £5 off £10 spend at all Starbucks, or £25 off £50 spend at Nike and Urban Outfitters. Check out some of the offers currently available in the image below:

So you can see, lots of retailers participating, like HMV, Tesco, Liberty, House of Fraser, Bentalls, Fenwick, Argos, and GAP.

In the past, I’ve seen food offers too – like for Pizza Express and other big chains, so its worth linking your card as I’m sure in the future AMEX and Foursquare will keep coming up with new offers, and it could save you lots of money in the long run!

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