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Couples Massage at Thai Square Spa, Tower Hill

Published 20 February 2013

Upon entering the new Thai Square Spa in Tower Hill you can immediately see why the Covent Garden branch has done so well.

The spa itself is immaculate and tasteful while the staff are all exceptionally polite and welcoming, and seemed to relish the opportunity to guide a spa and massage novice like myself through the endless list of treatments.

I opted for the back, neck and shoulder massage, from which I’m not sure I’ve entirely recovered. People having their first massage should know that you’ll probably experience a bit of pain as a lifetime of knots and tangles in your muscles get worked out. I was advised however, that regular clients don’t have this problem as their muscles get used to the treatment.

The massage starts with you entering a private changing room to put on exotic, martial-art-esque robes (checking out your karate moves in front of the full length mirrors is a must), before you’re ushered into the treatment room.

You’re served a delicious ginger tea while you get a brief floral foot-soak massage, both of which add a nice touch to the overall authenticity of the experience and ease you into a relaxed state of mind.

It is then up to your sense of modesty whether you keep your robes on or not, but I’m sure the openness and lack of pressure from the staff would make people feel comfortable either way.

The massage itself was by turns relaxing, painful, worrying, relaxing again, even more painful then relaxing. It being my first massage, it was also hard not to stifle a few giggles as my cheeks and ears got the treatment, or when I saw my girlfriend in the adjacent room being straddled by a small Thai woman.

No one could fault the décor or ambience of the four treatment rooms though. They were serene and elegant, with just the right balance of soft light and background music to make them warm and welcoming rather than cheesy or tacky.

At the end my muscles came away feeling much looser (though a bit sore) than they had been in previous weeks, and the knowledge that the pain would decrease and the results increase exponentially has made a regular massage a genuine consideration.

Considering the area and size of the spa it seems ideal for those working in the city to unwind in at lunch or after work, and the seemingly endless types of treatments on offer makes the spa very flexible in terms of how long you need to spend there.

Overall the Thai Square Spa in the City was very welcoming and relaxing, and the service was very professional and tasteful and well thought out.

That said, the moniker “spa” may be a bit misleading; there are lots of treatments on offer but no pool, sauna or other amenities apart from the four massage rooms.

Because of this it is hard to imagine anyone really needing to spend more than a few hours there, so it really isn’t a location for an extended spa day or break. However, those looking for a brief massage and oasis of calm from the City need look no further.

Thai Square Spa at Tower Hill (City)
Address: 142 Minories, London, EC3N 1LS
Reservations: 020 7265 4920
Website: www.thaisquarespa.com/city/