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Review: Bone Daddies, the new Ramen kid on the block

BY Boon Koh
Published 2 February 2013
Our Review Rating: 6 out of 10 stars

Ramen’s really becoming quite popular in London – as evidenced by the rash of Japanese noodle shops that have opened.

Koya started the trend – not really a ramen specialist, but an udon noodle specialist. But they got the London foodies hooked on authentic Japanese noodles in a great broth, and from then it was only a matter of time before we had another. Tonkotsu came along – a true ramen specialist – winning rave reviews, including a great review from ourselves.

Now comes Bone Daddies. Sticking with the same Japanese noodle house concept, they really only do one main dish – a big bowl of ramen noodles in broth – although there are variants. They do a tonkotsu style ramen, which has a pork soup base that’s been simmering away for 20 hours. Otherwise, the rest of their ramen come with a chicken bone broth. Personally, I think the pork broths offer much more depth in flavour and a thicker soup, but if you prefer something lighter, the chicken soup broth is perfect.

I went for the standard soy ramen (£9) and skipped the starters, as they were closing early at 4pm on the Sunday afternoon I went. The noodles came quickly, in a big bowl:

Having just been to Japan in November, I had tasted the authentic ramen in Tokyo and Kyoto. These ones from Bone Daddies are pretty good! The half runny egg was especially tasty, having been marinated in soy and with a rich yellow egg yolk.

Plus, they do offer some extra condiments that are absent from Tonkotsu and Koya, although they’re maybe too authentic for most people to use. One is extra sesame seeds to sprinkle on your food, and the other is pickled garlic:

There are a few grumbles though. First, I think the portions are small – given that ramen noodles are cheap, why not give some more? I left feeling still quite hungry – whereas I remembered my meal at Tonkotsu and Koya as emerging from door with a very full belly. The meat was a bit stingy too – two slices of roast pork. £9 might be a cheap meal nowadays in London – but ramen is a cheap and cheerful meal, and so its reasonable to expect a good sized portion.

The other gripe is the 12.5% service charge tacked on – for something eaten on bar stools on high tables and service really at a minimum (the service was friendly though), it does feel the 12.5% service charge seemed more like a sneaky “tax”.

Overall, Bone Daddies offer decent authentic bowls of ramen. But its slightly expensive for the portions, and the competition offers, in my opinion, a superior ramen & udon noodle.

Bone Daddies Ramen Noodle Bar

Address: 31 Peter Street, London W1F 0AR (just off Wardour Street)

Tel: 020 7287 8581

Opening Hours:
Lunch [Mon – Sat 12pm – 3pm Sun 12pm – 4pm]
Dinner [Mon 5:30pm-10pm Tues and Wed 5:30pm-11pm Thurs, Fri and Sat 5:30pm-12pm]