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City of London recreated using office cardboard boxes

BY Boon Koh
Published 6 March 2013

Sometimes you come across something that just lights a smile on your face! Last week I came across a collaboration between British artist Chris Gilmour and Fellowes, the office stationary company.

Fellowes were looking to promote their office “Banker Boxes” – you know the type, plain white cardboard boxes for office storage (or used when people are fired and they need something to pack up all their belongings in).

Anyways, Chris let his imagination run wild, and recreated the iconic cities of London, Paris, and Berlin using nothing by these cardboard storage Banker Boxes from Fellowes. Check out the follow pictures (taken from the video) of the three cardboard cities: London, Paris, and Berlin:

london made out of cardboard boxes berlin made out of cardboard boxes paris made out of cardboard boxes

The London cardboard panorama has all the usual replicas, including the London Eye, Big Ben, St Paul’s Cathedral, and The Shard. The detail is amazing – there’s even one of those Routemaster buses in a cardboard replica, crossing London Bridge.

There’s also a video on Youtube showing how the cardboard cities were created, building by building:

So if you ever find yourself stuck in the filing room at 2am in the morning, here’s an idea to brighten up your day. And if a bunch of you and your colleagues are made redundant… you know what to REALLY do with these Banker Boxes that HR will hand out!