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Launch of Personalised London Discounts with Barclaycard Bespoke Offers

BY Boon Koh
Published 12 May 2013

If you’ve given up looking at the London deals from Groupon and Livingsocial – there’s a new kid on the discount and deals block, and this time the deals will actually be for things you’re interested in.

The problem with existing daily deal websites is that no matter what I tell them in my profile, I still get deals for things that I would never in a million years buy – like leg waxing or a restaurant halfway across town. And there’s just so many irrelevant deals to get through  before you get to one that you like, that its such a waste of time (and mailbox space!)

Barclaycard’s new Bespoke Offers deal website aims to change that – using data that you supply, and also data from your spending habits (if you’ve got a Barclaycard credit or debit card), it is able to recommend deals for things that you actually want.

For example, if you always get a morning caffeine fix at Starbucks, this deal for a £10 Starbucks card for only £5 (woohoo!) will show top of the list for you. If you live in Chiswick, you’ll see meal deals at restaurants locally in Chiswick, not in Leytonstone.

So how do you use Bespoke Offers? Check out this introductory video below:

There are around 5,000 offers already on Barclaycard Bespoke Offers, from some of the top retailers in the country such as Shell, Odeon, Tesco, House of Fraser, British Airways, and Starbucks. My top two picks? The Starbucks offer mentioned above, as well as this Shell offer for 5p off per litre of fuel – talk about a cracking deal for petrol (or diesel!)

When I asked what the magic was, for Bespoke Offers to be able to recommend relevant deals, I was told that for Barclaycard card holders, their spending data and patterns are annonymised and fed into the recommendation algorithm, and out of the other end pops out personalised offers. For non-Barclaycard holders, because Barclaycard handles payment processing for many merchants out there, they have less data on your spending habits, but are still able to build a profile using the limited data, information you supply during sign-up, and also which deals you end up purchasing.

So do check it out – supply Bespoke Offers with your preferences and location, and then wait for the personalised deals to flow in!