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Getting a Bicester Village VIP Shopping Discount Voucher

BY Boon Koh
Published 1 December 2013

Bicester Village is already full of designer bargains, but you can actually get an additional 10% discount, with their VIP Shopping Experience card/voucher, valid only for the day that you visit.

How to get a Bicester Village 10% discount card?

Its incredibly easy – but only for foreign tourists. If you’re coming from overseas, you can download these two PDFs – one if you’ve flown Cathay Pacific if you’re a tourist from Hong Kong or the rest of Asia. And this other PDF if you hold a Visa Infinite or Visa Gold card from Asia.

Also, if you’re a Chinese tourist, all you have to do is show a debit or credit card with the UnionPay logo – and you’ll get the 10% discount card automatically, without having to show any vouchers or flyers.

But what about if you’re a Londoner and want to get a 10% VIP card for Bicester Village? Its a bit harder.

No free options for a Bicester VIP discount card for Londoners

If you’re a Londoner, there’s still several ways to get a Bicester 10% VIP card. One way would be if you’re planning to stay overnight nearby anyways – some of the local hotels will be able to give you a free voucher when you check in, that you can redeem at the customer information desk at Bicester Village for a one-day discount voucher.

The second way is to use the Bicester Shopping Express luxury coach from London to Bicester. Since you need to get to Bicester anyways, the coach is not a bad option of train, bus, and drive. Especially during the peak December/Christmas period, where the car parks at Bicester get full by 11am in the morning. As a customer of the Shopping Express, you automatically get a 10% off discount voucher for that day.

A third way is also by going by coach – but through one of the numerous third party operators, many of them based in Chinatown. They might work out cheaper than the Shopping Express (I’ve heard some of them are £10 return), and when you arrive, they’ll also provide you with the VIP discount card.

This is what the Bicester Village VIP card looks like:

bicester village vip discount voucher

VIP shopping bicester village

Is the VIP discount card worth getting?

Oh definitely, no question about that. It provides 10% off pretty much every single shop in Bicester, and even works on heavily reduced items too (despite what it says on the card). For example, I bought a Jaeger sweater reduced from £120 to £40 already – and then got another £4 off! Plus Jaeger points too!

Proof of the great bargains to be had at Bicester Village:

jaeger bicester village

The VIP shopping discount also works at the food outlets – so 10% off Busaba Eathai, and the other food stands and restaurants, so extra savings there.

And don’t forget the airline miles…

Not a very well known fact, but don’t forget you can also get British Airways or Virgin Atlantic airline miles for your shopping! Just go to the visitor information centre with your receipts and your membership number, and they’ll sort it out for you. I think its around 1 mile per £1 spent, so it does add up if you’ve spent thousands at Bicester Village that day. Plus there’s often regular extra points promotions – when I went last weekend, they were running a triple British Airways points promo for Bicester Village spend!