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A Cycling Day Out in Richmond Park

BY Boon Koh
Published 30 April 2014

On a nice day, cycling in Richmond Park is one of the best afternoons in London. Here are five things you need to know for your cycling day out at Richmond Park:

1) Rent bikes at Richmond Station
Chances are, you’re coming in by train to Richmond. In which case, you can pick up your rental bikes right at the station! Richmond Station Cycle Centre do bikes for half a day for £16. The bikes are good quality, multi-geared ones that will handle both the hills and straight sections with ease. They come with locks so you can un-mount and explore where-ever you are.

2) Print a cycling map taking in all the Richmond sights
There’s a really good map that shows a short 6.5 miles cycling route that starts from Kingston station, goes along the river pathway, takes in Ham House and Petersham Meadows. Then the trial enters the park, goes past Pembroke Lodge and hopefully some deer along the way, and then back to the station. All of it within 90 minutes!

3) Spot the deer – and you’ll see the herd!
The herd of deer at Richmond Park is what makes it so special – it is the only park in London with wild deer roaming amongst dogs, joggers, and cyclists. They’re not afraid of humans, but do keep your distance. At certain times of the year like mating season or when the young have just been born, they can get a bit defensive and you don’t want a pair of antlers chasing you.

deer warning sign richmond park

herd of deer richmond park

deer with antlers richmond park

4) Soft serve ice cream – a must
What cycling day out doesn’t have soft serve ice cream – the traditional 99 Flake? Luckily, on a nice day, there is no shortage of ice cream vans and refreshment stands waiting to lighten your wallet (significantly) for this simple treat.

One place you can stop at is the Pen Folds Cafe, located deep in the middle of Richmond Park, about halfway through the cycling route. The soft serve ice cream was sufficiently good, although it was slightly exorbitant at £1.80!

pen folds cafe richmond park

5) Finished with gelato from Gelateria Danieli
Finally, when you’re back at the station, treat yourself with a short stroll down the Richmond high street and down the Brewers Lane alleyway to this locally famous gelateria. Danieli serves some wicked interesting flavours. There might be a queue out the door, but it moves fast, so don’t be afraid to join it! Once you have your gelato, head a few steps more to Richmond Green, where the locals hang out on sunny weekends.

richmond green sunny day