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Launch of MeatSnacker for all your meat snacking needs

BY Boon Koh
Published 27 March 2015

Some of the eagle-eyed among you would have noticed that there has been less and less activity on The London Insider of late. You would not have been wrong! The team here has been busy working on a new project to bring the UK’s best and widest range of meat snacks online. Launching MeatSnacker – an online shop in the UK with a wide range of meat snacks from beef jerky to biltong, snacking salami to chorizo.

We have over fifty products at launch with plans to increase that to beyond one hundred by the end of the year. The idea for MeatSnacker was born after a trip to California, USA, where we feasted on amazing beef jerky and other meat snacks throughout our road trip. Returning back to the UK, we realised that the meagre offering in the supermarkets, on the top shelf in the furthest aisle, wasn’t up to scratch.

At MeatSnacker, we are making top quality meat snacks accessible to everyone in the UK. With free shipping on orders over £25, and over fifty products in stock in our warehouse, your meat snacks order will probably arrive faster than the typical super saver delivery Amazon parcel.

Take advantage of our bulk discount offers if you buy 5, 10, or more packs of your favourite beef jerky, biltong, or pork snacks. Alternatively, feel free to mix and match different brands and flavours in your order for variety.

We took selection of our products very carefully, and did an exhaustive research and taste test of all the meat snacks available out there in the UK. Many products didn’t meet our taste test or health criteria and were excluded. The ones that made it through to our store have all been taste tested by our MeatSnacker team. On our product pages, we have published our tasting opinions as well as a spiciness and texture indicator. In addition, we have six lifestyle indicators so you can quickly see if the product is:

  • Made from 100% British meat
  • Grass fed meat
  • Gluten free
  • Nitrates free
  • MSG free
  • Only natural flavourings & colourings

At MeatSnacker, we have a good mix of both the popular high street brands that people love, as well as new and upcoming gourmet and artisan meat snack producers which we absolutely love. Our high street brands include the big ones like Wild West, Coan, Jack Links, and Cruga. Our artisan, gourmet brands include Isle of Wight Biltong, M-EAT!, Serious Pig, Raging Bull Meats, Laverstoke Park Farm, and Billy Franks.

So do have a browse at MeatSnacker.co.uk and let us know what you think! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram to keep up to date with special offers and announcements.