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Universal Laptop Chargers – best invention since sliced bread

BY Boon Koh
Published 14 June 2015

Sliced bread was amazing – back in the 1920s. Before they had laptops, there wasn’t much to amuse oneself with. Except for the wonders of how bread could be bought sliced, each slice with perfect thickness.

In our modern times, we take amazing inventions for granted, like a laptop computer. A laptop has been essential to my life, both work and personal. I think if I add up all the hours a day I’m on my laptop, it is a scary number. Some days, when I’m working late, I’m probably on my laptop for more hours than I spend sleeping.

So when I can’t use my laptop, there is a minor crisis. Emails get unsent. Word documents go untyped. And one of the nightmare scenarios, is of course, if your laptop charger dies. Or goes walkies on you in the office or coffee shop. I lost a laptop charger recently, and it wasn’t pretty. Trying to find a replacement laptop charger – with the right plug head for my laptop model – that was painful.


That’s why something like a universal laptop charger is the best invention since sliced bread. There is a really good quality model sold by Imperial Gadgets – its compatible with loads of laptops, and I’d be surprised if they don’t have the right head for your particular laptop model. Rather than spend hours trying to find the exact spare part on Dell’s archaic spare parts website, or taking a risk on some knock-off from China on eBay, I’ve discovered that the easiest way is to get a universal laptop charger, with special delivery, and voila. It’s there with you as soon as the next working day.