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Pupils get money wize in the classroom

Published 18 July 2015

Local entrepreneur launches maths skills game aimed at making young people more financially aware and confident with money at James Cambell Primary School.

Pupils at James Cambell were excited and keen to play the bMoneywize game, an engaging creation by Dr Arinola Araba. Designed to change the way youngsters view maths it teaches them money management skills and how to plan ahead for financial security through play.

The launch was attended by The Mayor, Cllr Simon Bremner, Cllr Lynda Rice, Dr Helen Jenner Director of Children’s Services and a representative from Barclays Bank.

The game’s development began in 2013, with the help of local young people from the Sydney Russell and Jo Richardson schools and many other schools have got involved since then to test and trial the game in their citizenship curriculum lessons.

Schools have reported an increase in parent involvement and inspirational parents like Henry Jenner, who has a child at James Cambell Primary School, have been actively promoting the importance of financial literacy for the whole family.

Councillor Lynda Rice, Cabinet Member for Environment, said: “It was an honour to support the launch of the bMoneywize game and to see young people’s maths skills challenged with real life scenarios.

“The game is just one way to provide financial literacy experience and school’s are boosting and enriching their offering of maths through the citizenship curriculum by providing financial literacy for young people in the classroom.

“It is also a useful opportunity for families to come together at home to learn the importance of handling money responsibly and to enable young people to realise the positive choices they have in life to realise their highest aspirations.”

With child poverty reportedly on the increase, being financially aware is an important life skill for children to learn from a young age.

Dr Arinola Araba, said: “I want to thank all the young people who gave their time, the support from local schools and Barking and Dagenham Council for all of their help and for seeing the possibilities of a game engaging young people and their families in a totally new way.

“It’s a joy to see young people being given an opportunity through play to manage money whilst being challenged with mental arithmetic problems.”

Headteacher of James Cambell, Kerry Thomas, a keen supporter of financial literacy for young people said: “Children’s financial management is very important and tackling the challenge faced by many to manage money successfully is critical for the borough’s young people getting the right skills to go forward in the future.”