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London Traditional Red Phone BoxLondon.

One of the world’s greatest cities, where millions of cosmopolitan people live their lives and many millions more come to visit every year! There are many guidebooks, magazines, and articles about London out there, but we hope to bring you a more personal and intricate look at London through the eyes of a true Londoner.

On this website you will find the latest news and information of London, from events to tube strikes, celebrities to government policy, and dining reviews to interesting clubs. Everything goes… the only common theme is that each article involves or affects London in some way. We will also be posting reviews and pictures of restaurants, events, shows, bars, clubs, tourist spots, etc… anything that we come across on our day to day lives in London.

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Who’s behind the London Insider?
The London Insider was created in July 2009 by myself, Boon, as a way to share my experience living in London with my friends and family. Since then, it has morphed from a personal blog to a full-fledged news site reporting anything about London, as long as its interesting!

From a humble start of 1 writer (myself) and zero visitors, we now have more than 15 freelance writers and journalists and over 30,000 visitors per month to our site. All our writers are London-based and passionate about writing; we stress quality over quantity and all our articles have original unique content, unlike the big news outlets who syndicate and republish copy from news-wires.

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Please visit our Contact Us page.

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  • Rob

    To be tired of London is to be tired of life itself.