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Meet The Insiders

The London Insider team comprises of individuals who have a passion for London, bringing years of experience of living in the capital to publish insightful and honest reviews and opinions about all things London. If you want to join the team, get in touch!

Boon Koh

Having attended university in London, he stayed on and now works for a digital transformation consultancy, and is now approaching his 8th year in London. Boon started The London Insider in July 2009, to write about his adventures in London. Having explored all the well-trodden places in London, he strives to discover new hidden gems to write about. He is a real foodie at heart – always trying out new restaurants, but also enjoys going to gigs and attending quirky events.

Lucy Pereira

Born and bred in the East End of the capital, Lucy currently studies Human Sciences at King’s College London. Her passions span both the arts and the sciences – including music and culture – and she takes full advantage of living in London to indulge in her loves. A specialist in science communication, she equally enjoys writing about local stories and isn’t afraid to share her opinion about issues that matter. Having written for print and online publications, Lucy has made a recent foray into the world of broadcasting, gaining skills in radio and TV production. See her science blog at sciencediction.wordpress.com.

Ayo Tijani

I’ve been told these are rare but Ayo is a Londoner born and raised. She does have to admit to a four year stint living between London and Ashford in her formative years and another three year stint living between Montreal and London when she was at university.

Living in the heart of London has its perks; by day she works in retail and by night she takes full advantage of the great theatres, art galleries, bars, clubs, restaurants and of course shops on her doorstep. She has been an Arsenal fan since she was ten and was thoroughly depressed that they ended yet another season without a trophy. She has unrealistically high hopes for next season.

You can read more of Ayo’s wrting at http://www.today-is-about.blogspot.com.

Aneil Fatania

Born in Scotland but raised in Belgium, Aneil Fatania is Scottish/Indian freelance writer based in London, specializing in misguided rants on cinema and music.

For examples please visit, http://www.theothersidemag.co.uk/filmetc and http://hangout.altsounds.com/members/3rdCulture.html.


Zoe Hardie

Zoe returned to her home town of Bethnal Green in 2009 after a few years of living and studying in hilly, cider-loving, Bristol. She has been a freelance journalist and copywriter for over three years and has worked on all sorts of things, including editing city guides, editing and contributing to a creative arts publication, writing articles for a leading website for teenagers, and trotting around the country investigating the UK’s universities.

She is now delighted to be back in London doing her favourite thing: penning articles about all the places that float her boat. More specifically this means combing through East London culture, bigging up London history, and scouting out vegetarian/vegan delights in the metropolis.

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