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London Lost Property – FAQ

London Bus & Black CabSo you’ve gone and lost your expensive mobile phone, laptop, or camera on the London Tube without gadget insurance. Or it could have been an umbrella or scarf on a red London bus.

Either way, you are probably panicking, but not to worry, as Transport for London (TfL), the company behind the London Underground, London Buses, and all other public transport in London, have a pretty comprehensive system to ensure that you get your lost item back. About 184,000 items are left on London public transport systems every year, and they do the best they can to reunite passengers with their lost belongings!

> If you lost something on a London Tube train
Before you give up and go out to buy a new laptop or a new mobile phone, remember that the majority of Londoners are honest and trustworthy. Most likely either a member of staff will find it when the train reaches its final destination at the end of the line, or a passenger will hand it in to station staff at a tube station midway on the line. Your best bet is to go to any tube station control room (it’s normally by the ticket barriers at the entrance/exit) and report your item missing there. All lost items are processed at these control rooms, where the item is documented and logged onto the system before being sent to the Transport for London Lost Property Office/Warehouse a few days later.

You can also report your lost item online using the TfL Lost Property form.

> If you left something behind on a London Bus
If you’re only a few stops away from the end of the bus line, it might be worth it to hail a black cab and try to beat the bus to its last stop at the depot! This way you can retrieve your item from the bus or from the bus driver immediately. Otherwise, lost property on a bus is reported and dealt with the same way as the London Tube, so see the procedure above (just substitute tube station control room for bus depot control room).

> If you left your diamond-encrusted iPhone 3GS mobile in a London black taxi/cab
You must be extremely grateful that you didn’t take a dodgy minicab instead! London black cab drivers are generally very honest, and when they have time later during the day they will hand the lost item to a police station to be reported as lost. However, if the lost item is a phone, they will probably hold on to it for an hour or two to see if you will call back to arrange a time and place to hand it back to you.

Once it has been handed over to the police, it will then make its way to the TfL Lost & Found Property Office.

> If you left your phone in the backseat of a minicab
You will have to contact the minicab company directly, as the drivers will hand in lost items to the central office at the end of their shifts. However, as with black cabs, please try giving your own mobile phone a call!

> If you’ve lost something on any other London public transport…
… such as the tram, DLR, train, river boat, or overground. They all belong under the TfL umbrella, so first get in touch with a station staff, and then directly with the TfL Lost & Found Office through their online form here.

> Where is the Transport for London (TfL) Lost Property Office?
I can only imagine that this mystical place must be bigger than a factory warehouse to be able to hold the many lost items on London public transport every day! There’s probably enough umbrellas there to hand out to every man, woman, and child (and probably dog) in London. Nevertheless, there is almost no point in visiting the office immediately if you have lost something, as the lost item will take time to arrive and they won’t be able to search their warehouse for you immediately. You should fill in the online form – all lost property requests are looked into individually and a response will be given within 21 days – and only go to the office if you have been told that your lost property is there.

The address for the TfL Lost & Found Office is: TfL Lost Property Office, 200 Baker Street, London NW1 5RZ

Their telephone number is: 0845 330 9882 (08:30-16:00, Monday-Friday except Bank Holidays)

> General tips for expensive electronic items
All electronics such as mobile phones, laptops, and mp3 players have unique serial numbers on them that can only enhance your chances of recovering a lost or stolen device. After all, when you pop to the lost and found office at TfL you still need to prove that you are the rightful owner of a certain electronic device, and having the serial number in hand is one such way.

For mobile phones, each one has a unique IMEI number, which can be used to track or even block it from connecting to any mobile network in the country, thus rendering it useless to any thief. You should also register your cellphone with Immobilise, along with any laptops, bikes, and items of value, in order to provide the police with the full details to aid in the recovery. Do keep your IMEI number written down somewhere and also your phone receipt, as you’ll need them if you ever have to claim on gadget loss insurance.

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  • Angella Lynshue

    I left a redfolder while traveling on a number 67 bus route to Woodgreen and it contained my name and address in it with my exam certificates. A response was sent to me, that it wasn’t found. Please I am very distressed about this for it has all my exam certificates in them. I am speech and hearing impaired and can’t remember things. But I know the folder was left on a number 67 bus route.
    I need this very much and if anything I can supply the name of the exam board for which the certificates were obtained. The folder also has the name and addredd of an organization called WORKSTEP and please all my certificates are in them . I am very distressed that this hasn’tbeen located. Enclosed is my mobile number 07535096803.

  • Anonymous

    I left my passport on the tube a few months ago and i was astonished to find out that the transport system had actually handed it into the police, i was amazed in this day and age.

  • handy

    Angella that’s terrible – I really hope you get it back! I recently left a brand new black A1 portfolio on the northern line, it contained 3 pieces of artwork – paintings on acetate – I’ve been told by lost property no one handed it in – I’m gutted as I had saved up to buy the portfolio, had just bought it the day before, and can’t afford a replacement one. My paintings are gone forever.

  • Patience Dlamini

    i lost a south african passport,im not sure where i lost it,but i used the central line ,northen line,jubilee from Bank to london water loo as well as the south west trains to wimbledon the day i lost it,i also use bus W14 to south woodford and bus 164 to morden/sutton as well.I travelled from london water loo,to oldstreet and then to angeland then from there to st pauls,and back to waterloo.then from there i took the south west train to wimbledon,then bus W14 to bushey road,and went back to waterloo then took train to bank station and then got on the central line and then got on W14 to southwoodford,it was on the 14th septmber and i still havent found it,my life have stopped without it,cos applying for a new one will take me 4 months to get it back,please people anyone that have seen it,the office said they have no rcords of it being found.thanks

  • Patience Dlamini

    my number is 07920124288please do contact me if you found an SA passport

  • Mrs Rath

    On 23 October 2010, I traveled Stratford London – Leytonstone – Walthamstow – Holloway road and then Shepherds bush. During this journey I lost my £400 cash consisting £10 and £20 notes, in a small white envelop. My number is 07771 749 693, please do contact me if you found.

  • Leela

    I lost a back laptop bag which had very important doucments such as qualification letters, employment lettes, Medical letters and My ffather’s docment from India, while travlleing in circle line on 8th of Janaury 2011. If anyone finds it please please return to me( 07830486716) . It i still not been found.. I am very disturbed,, please please return it .

  • Alisa

    Dear all,
    I left my mobile phone on number 70 bus, travelling to kensington high street on feb 9 about 2pm. I understand, that it is just a phone, but I do need the pictures from it and the videos as they mean a lot to me. I am very hoipeful that somebody who finds it will help me to get the pitures back.
    thank you for your help.

  • http://TheLondoninsider. Angella Lynshue

    My name is Angella Lynshue. I have lost a red folder sometime ago while travelinng on a nuber 67 bus route from Woodgreen to London. I have reported this to the transport for London and it has not been found. If any one has this please hand it in to the London inisder with thanks and aslo a black hand back with a silver thing at the front of it was lost Woodgreen. If any one finds this contact the London insider please.

  • http://TheLondoninsider. Angella Lynshue

    I o wuld lkie to make a comment that the transport for London did very litttle for locating this .

  • valerie

    i lostmy oyster card,along with my bank and provisional cards yesterday on the district line to richmond,i took the train at 20:48, and got off at west ham, and accidentally left it behind, please email me at vsalau@msn.com if you can help.

  • Cheesetwizzler

    RE : > If you left something behind on a London Bus

    Ring TfL London Buses on 0845 602 7000 first as they can get you in touch with the bus garage for the route, your property is held there for about a week before going to central lost property at Baker Street.

  • Rut

    About September 16, 17, 18 was stollen wallet in the underground. That day I was driving alot by D7 bus, then DLR, jubilee, victoria, piccadilly, bakerloo, waterloo, northern lines. If someone found documents with teenager girl name (begin with letter I… ) and surname wth begining leter G… she is from Lithuania, town Kaunas, please email me (rutaa@yahoo.com). Thank you very much. Please help for teenager, she is alone in London

  • Vanessa

    On thee 29 september. The first Bus I was on 258 to South Harrow. I had my hat on that Bus. the seconed Bus I was on the 140 to heathrow airport. I got of the the 140 to get on the 90 to felham. When the Bus got to Ubridge county court I got off and walk to the 607 427 and H98 Bus Stop. I got on the H98. When the driver got to the last Stop i notices that my hat was missing.
    So I hope i get it back it’s my favorite hat.
    e-mail vfinn-@hotmail.com  

  • Man in Need!

    Hi everyone i have lost my beloved iphone date lost: wednesday 4th January time lost: approxiamately 8am i believe whoever found it tried to contact my sister as it was the last dialled number it is a black iphone 8gb in a see through criss-cross case the phone has loads of memories and is not backed up. i am willing to provide a reward of £100 if returned please call me on 0207 551 9656 if no-one picks up leave a message i will return the call asap PLEASE RESTORE MY FAITH IN MANKIND! THANKS :) Hayder

  • Enamsekawan2005

    If anyone found some identifications in a wallet by the name of “Permana” it will be greatly appreciated if you can contact me 07774 282 638. 

  • Ra

    In case you found a Tommy Hilfiger black man’s wallet in a black cab late night from Sunday March 25 2012 to Monday March 26 2012, please let me know: varganas@yahoo.com.  A reward will be awarded. 

  • butnaru vasile cristinel

    on the 6 of april i  lost my wallet with my driving licence ,by the name butnaru vasile cristinel,credit card,id,if someone found please contact me 07897127142
    thanks and i promise to reward

  • Mr ombahadur Magar

    Mr Ombahadur Magar lost bank card tesco master carted NI card Tesco card sans bury card same papar

  • Desperate

    Hi I lost my black/purple Red Or Dead glasses, large lenses, from specsavers, on a 422 bus if you have found it I would be very grateful as my parents don’t know and it was on the 28th June 2012 please please let me know if you have found it. I have informed the tfl lost and found office so please send it to them if you have found them

  • Lucy

    Hello, I lost my camera which has a sentimental value to me. It was my boyfriends moms camera which she passed a way a year ago. I lost it this January 2, 2012 on the tube to Wimbledon. Along with the camera it had a card with thousands of pictures from the middle east and the last pictures I had were from the London Eye and Big Ben. please if you find it please email me at suite1202002@yahoo.com.

  • http://twitter.com/thelondoneer The Londoneer

    This information is a bit pointless – a simple list of lost property numbers would be more useful that this entire article put together…

  • Katie Kirk

    Hi I lost my camera using the London underground. I am absolutely devastated as me and my children were in London for the Olympic closing ceremony (we are from the midlands) and all of our memories from our trip that we will never be able to do again are gone I don’t have 1 picture of my children and I wanted this to be something they could look at or show their children when they’re older. It has all the images from the Olympic closing ceremony plus my children at the Olympic park. They’re only 5 and 3 so probably won’t remember without the precious photos. They are big Olympic fans and were so excited about this trip. The camera is worth absolutely nothing its a cheap brand and doesnt even work properly. It has no value to anyone but my family. All I want is my memory card containing my pictures and will even offer a reward of £100 the camera can be kept by whoever finds it.
    I entered Baker street station and made my way to the jubilee south platform.
    It was either on the way to the platform I dropped it or on the tube. I got off at Green park and realised it was gone. Please please please if anyone finds it hand it in I’m heartbroken X

  • katie kirk

    You can contact me if you have any info at kevin-kirk@sky.com

  • sarah

    lost nikon d90 going from victoria station line to picadilly line to get to woodgreen on friday august 10 around 6pm. camera was in big black zara hang bag with diary, hair straightener, curling iron, ipod dock, shoes, house keys etc. all my trip photos are on my camera. please help. miss_smickoski@hotmail.com

  • juste muremanyundo

    i lost my Art folder worth 50% of my grade of Alevels, it is desperately needed, buses i took is 473, 180, and the ferry. PLEASE contact me if anything found 07549 520637, thank you

  • Temi

    I lost my phone yesterday and I’m so scared I can’t even tell any of my parents. I went over to the bus garage and they didn’t find it. The phone is definitely switched off because I’ve been calling it as well all to no avail.

  • kiara

    I lost my iPod in taxi cab in london , if anything found please contact

  • dina

    hello i lost my blackberry phone on the bus 18 toward sudburry if u have any information to help me call 02072098002

  • Pro Information

    Just to let you guys know is that only about 30%-50% of items are handed back as you know there are thieves on the buses or tube station. for example if you have lost your phone expect them to take the sim and battery out. because i’ve lost my wallet and the chances of me getting it back with all the cards i have in it is going to be 0. Only items that aren’t found by the thieves or are not wanted are the ones that make it to the LPO if u dropped you phone and its hidden in the edge of the seat where no one will find it expect to get it back if you make en quires but if it is on a seat watch it get stolen. Many people are not gonna steal a pair of i love my dad sock because it something smelly and useless to them.

  • Smudgeroon74

    Hi I lost my Tesco Shopping Bag on the X26 Bus yesterday headed to Heathrow with all my Belongings in it . Please if anybody came across it contact me on 07867670381 . .